Sapling Home Farm was developed by myself and my husband, Ben Wharfe. It is home us and our three children Lydia, James and Harrison. It is situated in the village of Lower Peover, just outside Knutsford.

Our aim is simple; to establish a future for the family farm by producing quality food that can be enjoyed by the local community.

Fresh. Local. Loved.


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Sapling Home Farm is based on an ethos of sustainable mixed farming implemented by Ben’s father 40 years ago long before the word sustainable became fashionable. The concept is that a balanced mix of cereal and grassland based enterprises provide mutual benefit. Each enterprises integrates and supports the other therefore placing less reliance on artificial inputs and mechanical intervention. Thus providing an economically, financially and environmentally sustainable farm business.

We now employ more than 15 people at the farm including a farm manager, office staff and delivery drivers.

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