It’s simple; Caring for our hens and their welfare is the most important job we do.  Happy hens lay the best eggs so we put lots of effort into making sure they have all the feed and water they want, that they are tucked up nice and warm and that they have lots to keep them entertained.

All the feed and water

We plant a variety of grasses and clovers out on the range that nurture worms in the soil, attract a variety of insects and provide lots of different tasty treats for our hens.  Not only does it keep the hens satisfied but it adds depth of the flavour to their eggs.

Tucked up nice and warm

Hens, like people, love somewhere warm and dry so we have spent heavily invested in state of the art technology to keep their hen house the perfect place for them to retreat to.  They have warm, dry, cosy nests to lay their eggs and lots of perches to roost on and free access to the outdoors to explore during the day.


One of the advantages of investing in the environment is that it provides lots of natural habitat for our hens to roam in.  We have planted hedges and trees for them to forage and perch in.  They scratch and peck at interesting insects, sample a range of wild flowers and grasses and enjoy the outdoors safe from natural predators.  On days they don’t like the weather there is lots for them to do indoors, they can listen to the radio (radio 2 seems to be the station of choice), they can play football (there are eight different ones to choose from) and they can bathe in hand built dust baths.  Also they have a big scratch area of wood shavings, sawdust and straw to play in and they have nutritious blocks to peck at.

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