The concept of home delivering eggs first came to me in 2015, I just wasn’t sure whether there was an actual market for it. At the time we were selling approx. 10% of our eggs direct to local pubs and restaurants, but we wanted to do more.
I started bringing trays of eggs to my children’s local primary school at drop off. During this time, as I raced around at pick up with a 6 year old, 4 year old and a toddler, trying to carry trays of eggs and finding people in the playground, I often heard ‘ooohh, there’s the Egg Lady’…

In 2017, with my third child approaching school age, I wanted to do something more. In January, I set up a Facebook page called ‘The Egg Lady’ and posted on the school mums page and ‘Knutsford Mums’. Let’s just say there was interest! Aimed with a spreadsheet of names and addresses, a sat nav and a 3 year old in tow, I began delivering to Knutsford and shortly afterwards Northwich.

By March it became obvious I needed a better system, so we built the website and with the help of Damsel in Design we created the Egg Lady brand. The business success has been reliant on to social media and all positive word of mouth.

During the following 2 years we expanded our delivery areas to include Sale, Altrincham, Wilmslow, some by design some out of convenience (Harrison went swimming on a Thursday at Delamere, hence we started to delivering to Cuddington and Sandiway!).

There is no doubt, whilst other businesses suffered, The Egg Lady came into its own during the initial pandemic and lockdown. Customer numbers trebled in 6 weeks, many who have stayed with us 18 months later. It certainly brought us some challenges. But with a lot of hard work and commitment, additional drivers and office staff, we are ready to continue to grow the business in 2022 and beyond. Look out for our new branding and focus on Sapling Eggs!

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