If you are a restaurant/café/pub looking for fresh local free range eggs?

Sapling Eggs come straight from our farm to you, no wholesaler. This means our eggs are super fresh and delivered within 24 hours of lay.

We deliver to many places within Cheshire and South Manchester, up to twice a week, ensuring you always have the freshest eggs for your kitchens and your customers.

Our eggs are delivered in trays of 30 (please note we do not deliver in half dozen boxes).

We are always looking for more establishments to work with, so please give us a call/email and speak to Chrissie or Holly, who would be happy to help.

Tel: 01565 746920 / 07825 788277
Email: trade@saplingeggs.co.uk

  • Can totally tell the difference between these & supermarket eggs! They actually taste like eggs!!

  • Honestly such an amazing team. Last night I emailed as I needed to make a change in my order but couldn't see where to find the right bit on the website. First thing this morning Chrissie called me to help and were able to fix it for me there and then, and also followed up with a confirmation email. Not many places do that these days. Fantastic service

  • The best egg I have ever had! No more supermarket eggs. Today a double yoker

  • They are just eggs!!!! why not get them from the supermarket???!!.... I will tell you why... honestly, I dont care what anyone says these are really really nice eggs... im ordering more and will not return to supermarket eggs after a bad experience which really put me off eggs. These eggs taste amazing boiled, scrambled or fried and i dont even worry about the supermarket eggs trauma as i know these eggs are on another level. delivered straight to our door and taste amazing I cant wait to order more

  • The best eggs in Cheshire! Super fresh and super tasty. Excellent, reliable and friendly service. 5🌟 absolutely 100% recommend!

  • The best eggs for the most delicious egg Mayo butties everrr 🍳

  • Amazing taste. So fresh. I’ll never buy eggs from a shop again

  • Well organised ordering and delivery system. I’m really fussy about eggs! These are delicious and fresh, like the eggs I remember as a child!

  • Love these fresh eggs...perfect for poaching!

  • The eggs are amazing & delivery is perfect best poached eggs 🥚 I’ve tasted Highly Recommend