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Hello Bees

To welcome in the beautiful Spring weather (finally) we have just taken delivery of two hives and a swarm of bees!  We have set their homes next to our wild meadow and and flower area which they will hopefully pollinate for us.  It is a young swarm of bees and their is room in the brooding boxes (the deeper boxes at the bottom of each hive) for the hive to breed and grow.

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bwharfeHello Bees

Open Farm Sunday

Please come and visit our farm Sunday 9th June

Along with 350 other farms across the Country in the National Open Farm Sunday event organised by LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) we would like to welcome you to visit our farm.

We would like to show you how we produce free range eggs and how we look after our hens and the environment.

We will providing guided tours of our site, the range where the hens run around outside and our surrounding fields to see growing crops and our environmental stewardship measures.

LEAF    NFU_farming_delivers      Open Farm Sunday

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bwharfeOpen Farm Sunday